$2000 Challenge Valve Cover Racing

The $2000 Challenge is fun for all, not just those who built cars. Valve cover racing is a $2000 Challenge tradition, and everyone at the event is welcome to take part. No minimum age, no registration, no fee–just bring your valve cover racer and have fun. Winner gets recognition and a sweet trophy. Valve cover racing takes place Saturday afternoon at the concours.

$2000ChallengeValveCover1 - 1.jpg

$2000 Challenge Valve Cover Racing Rules:

  1. Maximum length shall be 24 inches.

  2. Maximum width shall be 12 inches.

  3. Maximum weight shall be 30 pounds.

  4. Maximum wheel diameter shall be 6 inches (measured with the car on track at the highest point of each wheel).

  5. Each car must have four wheels on the track.

  6. The only motivational force shall be gravity, so there shall be no extraneous help—mechanical, electrical or otherwise.

  7. Each launch ramp lane will be approximately 6 feet long and 16 inches wide; the track will be an additional 20 feet (or so) beyond the end of the launch ramp.

  8. Any car crossing the centerline and interfering with the opponent’s car will be disqualified. Cars that cross the centerline but do not interfere with the opponent’s car will not be disqualified.

  9. Each race will consist of three heats. The winner of any two heats will continue through the competition bracket to the next race.

  10. The first car to cross the finish line without any disqualifications will be the winner of the heat.

  11. Lanes will be swapped between heats.

  12. Car owners are responsible for catching/stopping their own valve cover race cars.

  13. A neutral party will control the start gate.

  14. All cars must be designed so that they are held in place at the start gate by the most forward point of the car. The start gate is 2 inches tall. (No portion of the car can break the plane of the start gate.)

  15. This is all about having fun.

These rules are not designed to eliminate any specific car from competition, but if your car does not comply with these rules it will not be eligible to race.

And no, you don’t need to be registered to compete in the $2000 Challenge in order to participate. Anybody in attendance–even spectators–is welcome to join the fun.