$2000 Challenge Concours: All About the 12-Point Exemption

Read through the $2000 Challenge Rules, and you’ll see the following language:

Any entrant that does not want to go through the concours judging process may decline to be judged by writing "Don't Judge Me" on a piece of tape placed on the upper driver-side corner of the windshield of their car. Cars properly displaying this message that are parked in the centralized concours judging location for the duration of judging will be awarded 12 concours points.

Before judging, Concours judges will be shown the 12-point Concours Example. This will be done in an attempt to calibrate the judges.

Why does this rule exist? Here’s the reason: We know that not everybody is aiming for a first-place finish, and that some teams would rather sit back, relax, and hang out during the concours than fret over their presentation to the judges. We also know that not every car will be beautiful. The “Don’t Judge Me” rule exists to give these competitors a break, and to reduce the workload of our busy concours judges.

Curious what a 12-point car looks like? Check out a 12-point Concours Example car here.